Snow Removal

The town of Castle Rock plows all streets of the MCA. Please go to for additional information. The town of Castle Rock Parks department clears the sidewalks on School Routes and TOCR open space and some park areas. Snow removal on limited specifically identified common area sidewalks within the confines of the association shall be cleared within 24 hours after the snowfall has stopped and a minimum of 2 inches has accumulated. Snow melt material will be applied, as necessary, to assure a safe walking surface on sidewalks. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining all curbs, gutters and sidewalks on or adjacent to their property free from all obstructions, snow and other hazards. It is deemed appropriate that snow and ice shall be removed from the sidewalks within forty-eight (48) hours following the termination of any weather condition which causes two (2) or more inches accumulation upon such sidewalks. (Ord. 87-35 section 1, 1987; Ord. 86-39 section 3, 1986).


A Friendly Snow Reminder from the Town of Castle Rock


Just a friendly reminder that Castle Rock requires all property owners and/or tenants to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 48 hours of each snow event.  Please also keep in mind, if you live on a corner, snow removal is required on both sidewalks – in front of and on the side of your property.  We thank you and appreciate your help in keeping our community safe!



Ever wonder how the Town of Castle Rock determines which streets to plow first?  Read below to find out and click the link to view the Town’s  Snow Plow Priority Map.


Snowplowing Information

Snowplowing and/or ice control will be completed for each storm event on primary streets (Priorities 1 and 2) when the accumulation of snow or ice is predicted to be more than 2 inches on the roadway.

Snowplowing will be completed for each storm event on secondary streets (Priorities 3 and 4) routes when the accumulation of snow or ice is predicted to be more than 4 inches between Nov. 15 and March 15. Snowplowing also will be completed when the accumulation of snow or ice is predicted to be more than 8 inches prior to Nov. 15 or after March 15.

When the Town clears snow from neighborhood streets, residents can expect one lane to be cleared for emergency access. 


How we decide where to start
Town streets are classified based on the street function, traffic volume and importance to the welfare of the community. Two categories and four priority rankings have been established.


Primary streets

·         Priority 1: Streets classified as arterial, major collectors and industrial and commercial business areas. These are typically high-volume streets that connect major sections of the Town and provide access for emergency fire, police and medical services. (It's worth noting that CDOT is responsible for plowing its roads in Castle Rock, such as Founders/Meadows Parkway, Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 85.)

·         Priority 2: Streets that are classified as minor collectors and school bus routes or roads providing access to schools.


Residential streets

·         Priority 3: Low-volume and residential streets

·         Priority 4: Cul-de-sacs and alleyways


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